The Lazco Story

We are an Australian owned family company who believe in a sustainable and regulated management of the environment and all of the products that we deal with. We are pro green and come from a history of rural and farming backgrounds. Our business has been operating in sub tropical Queensland for more than 20 years.

During that time we have been represented on the shelves of Australia’s supermarket and hardware chains including Coles, Woolworths, Metcash, IGA, Franklins Bunnings, Masters, Mitre 10 and many other stores.

All of our products (outdoor and indoor BinKill, household Fly Traps and more) have achieved apvma (Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medical Association) and other appropriate regulatory approvals. They have also been through the rigorous trials for efficacy and toxicology that are required to gain approval. The appropriate (Material) Safety Data Sheets are attached to this website.

The Problem

In recent years many of Australia’s, and the world’s local councils have, for ease of handling, changed their rubbish management systems from garbage tins to Wheelie Bins – which are the best things to happen to the breeding cycle of the common house fly (Musca Domestica).

The bin provides a secure, warm, dark environment full of moist food, an ideal “humidicrib” in which the female fly can place its eggs. The fly will lay its eggs within minutes of entering the bin. As a result most areas recorded a large increase in flies after the installation of wheelie bins.

The fact that the bins are cleared once a week is also a bonus for the larvae as they are able to (in their safe humidicrib) feed and mature to the next stage of growth and strength. The flies then mature, and the breeding process begins once again.

This is how Lazco developed its first product – BinKill more than 25 years ago. Since then, Lazco has released outdoor, industrial and indoor BinKill, household and kitchen Fly Traps, as well as more products to be released in the future.

The Environment

Flies and insects are carriers of typhoid, tuberculosis, conjunctivitis, dysentery, hepatitis etc. Their life span is between two and four weeks.

They are also a huge nuisance to human beings and are equated with uncleanliness and filth. In the past, mankind has used a number of products to rid themselves of the house fly, blow fly and other “Order Diptera” insects.

Due to the residual toxicity of these products and peoples awareness of the planet on which they live, many of the powerful insecticides used in the past are now at the least avoided and in many cases banned by regulatory authorities. Others such as sprays have proven ineffective and uneconomical methods of ridding Mobile Garbage Bins of flies.

The Solution

Binkill breaks the breeding cycle in the wheelie bin and change the bin from being a fly breeding centre to a fly killing centre. An insecticide is combined with slow release and knockout chemicals plus a deodorant, in a tamper proof container and is attached to the inside of the wheelie bin.

The convection, which takes place in the bin as the sun moves and the temperature of the day changes, plus the slow release vapour ingredient, will cause the powerful but safe insecticide to kill the fly when it enters the bin. Our testing with the Northern Territory Department of Health Entomology section has shown a 100% knockdown of flies and maggots. (Flies 20 minutes, maggots five hours).

Lazco has since released more products including household Fly Traps, as well as the soon to be released Indoor BinKill.